Cloth Diaper One Size Aplix - Autumn

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Moo Moo Kow® cloth diaper is healthy for baby’s skin & comfortable, economical, easy to wash and eco-friendly. Using Material that is stay-dry, easy to maintain and getting stain away, suitable for day & night. Suitable for hot weather.

Material: PUL (Outer), Suede Cloth (Inner), Microfibre (Inserts)

Inserts: Two Stay Dry inserts come with the diapers that help prevent leakage.  

1-Year Warranty for every Moo Moo Kow® Diapers: use it with a peace of mind. 

Comfortable Design: The encased elastic at the thigh area provide a secure fit to prevent leaks, even for heavy wetters, and yet comfortable. 

Bigger Cutting: The generous cutting can be sized down to fit a baby, and sized up to fit a chubby toddler. Your cloth diaper investment can last much longer. 

Wide Pocket: The wide pocket means you can stuff more inserts to last a heavy wetter overnight. Different inserts are available for different occasions. 

Reliable Quality: The high quality PUL fabric can withstand hot washes.

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