Ki ET LA Sunglasses Ours'on (2-4 Years)


Colour: Silver Blue
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Rooaar… These sunglasses developped in exclusivity with the TV journalist Carole Tolila are to fall for with their bear-shaped frame and their category 3 mirrored lenses! Their unbreakable frame allows the little ones to twist them indefenitely. Made in France, they are manufactured in the Oyonnax valley, birthplace of the French eyewear industry.

The add-on: Ki ET LA gives a second life to the packaging. The bear-shaped cap can be used as a sand or modelling paste mold. Ultra practical for the parents, it easily fits into a handbag!

  • Made in France
  • Guaranteed unbreakable
  • Ultra-lightweight and soft
  • Category 3 mirrored lenses
  • 100% Anti-UV filter
  • Anti-blue light filter
  • Accessories: Case, Pouch and adjustable drawstring bag

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